My Little Best Friend

My Little Best Friend

          Max is my little puppy that my dad got me around 7 weeks ago. He’s still little, with little legs and little arms. He’s a little furry, with cute black ears and black eyes. You can’t barely see his eyes because where his eyes are there is  a black spot on each side. He got black little dots that you can’t see because they’re hidden. He’s so adorable and playful, but when he starts biting me he frustrates me, he has hurt me 2 times already and blood came out, but I still love him regardless. My dad surprised me with him since I had been asking him for a dog for the past 6 years, and he finally got it for me. I was so happy to the point where I cried.

              July 10, 2023 was the best day of my life. I remember that my dad came in and he had a dog bed and I remember him saying “I got this in case we get a dog in the future” with a smiling face, I was so confused and didn’t know what to think. Next thing I saw was my cousin covering something with a blanket and my cousin showed me what was in there. When I saw him I couldn’t hold my tears anymore. But my dad ruined the moment because he said “That’s Jonathan’s puppy” That’s my cousin’s name and I couldn’t believe it and I got a little said, but after minutes he told me the truth and said that it’s my puppy and that I have to take care of him I got so happy. 

              Now Max is 2 months old, almost 3 months. He grew up although he is still little. Max hasn’t destroyed anything but he keeps biting things but when I tell him not to he actually listens. Right now I don’t want to take him out a lot since he hasn’t gotten his vaccines and I don’t want him to get a disease, but as soon as he gets them the first thing I would do is go to a park and play with him. Puppies are hard to train but once they learn they become even more adorable. I’m still training Max but it is so hard but at the end of the day it is worth it. 

              In conclusion I think puppies are the cutest pets in the world. In the beginning they might be hard to train and to deal with but like I said before its all worth it in the end. When you have a puppy, you don’t just  have a pet, it could also turn into your best friend. Whenever you’re feeling sad they’re always there for you even if you just see them as pets you should try and experience it yourself and you’ll see how different you’ll feel once you feel like  they start loving you. Although pets are not for everybody, because some people don’t like pets. It’s always worth it, but think about it before you get one because if you get one and you don’t like them you’ll just make them suffer because they’re looking for a home. You also need to know that they’re a big responsibility.

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