Aiken’s New High Tunnel


Want to take care of plants and animals? Well, we have great news!

The teachers and students of the agricultural class have come together to build us a new high tunnel.

Did you know that these covered structures are constructed in the field in order to protect crops from the weather (rain, wind, cool or warm temperatures), as well as in some cases, pests? It is a structure that is used for growing plants year around, it is very similar to a greenhouse. 

Here at our high Tunnel we will be growing greens like lettuces in the winter and in the spring we will be growing tomatoes and different types of peppers. In the future there should be  more vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes.

This High Tunnel is important because Aiken High School has an agricultural career tech pathway, so the High Tunnel will teach the students that might want to join this career how to maintain a high tunnel as best as possible. The high tunnel is a great way for Aiken to move forward.

Go Aiken Falcons!!