Available Elective Classes


Do you want to act in a play? Come to our Theater Class, where we create plays for audiences!

The Theater Class is full of amazing Aiken New Tech High School students who are supportive and work hard. The theater director’s name is Ms. McCoy, a supportive and loving music director and teacher.

In Theater, we create school plays for the school, family, and friends. Before each official performance, we rehearse onstage to get used to our characters. We get scripts for our plays and we start off using those. As we continue practicing our lines, we start to memorize our lines without the scripts.

If you are interested, contact Ms. McCoy at [email protected]. She’ll be teaching Theater Class during 2nd bell this year and any student that is interested in being in this group can sign up for it next semester.



Weaving the Future: Living Healthy

Do you want to learn how to live your best life? Aiken’s Healthy Living class teaches what affects our health and what helps us grow strong. 

In this class, students learn about proper nutrition, exercise, and the importance of building changing behavior and creating SMART goals to achieve short and long term goals. Students will also understand how genetics and environment play a part in their lives, as well as how to avoid addiction and dangerous influences. In addition, students will have the opportunity to exercise at least one day a week to demonstrate the knowledge they have learned and to continue to stay healthy. 

If you would like to learn more, classes are offered each semester Monday through Friday and contact Mrs. Fail at [email protected] for more information.



Lifting the World 

Hey there, have you ever wanted to work out but didn’t have the money to join a gym or buy weights? Well, you’re in luck because there is a Weight Lifting class here at Aiken.

In Weight Lifting class, you will find a quiet atmosphere to help train for sports, work out with friends, or responsibly expend some energy during the day. You decide whether you want to become a champion in weight lifting and possibly compete against your peers, or just meet your own personal goals. Exercises include leg curls, bench press, pull ups, sit ups, and chin ups. The class is inclusive to all Aiken students, no matter the body type, experience, or preferred language. If you are able to attend the Weight Lifting class, it is held next to the gym near the lunchroom. Weight Lifting is done during the school day and is offered for all bells.

For more information, contact Coach Duka at [email protected]



Love to sing? Come to choir where we sing different songs and perform onstage for everyone!

The choir group is full of amazing and talented Aiken New Tech High School singers. The choir students are divided off into 4 sections. They are soprano, alto, tenor, and base. The sopranos and altos are mostly girls and young adult women. The tenors and bases are mostly boys and young adult men. We do harmony and melodies in our songs. Ms. McCoy helps our choir students improve their singing and have more confidence when they sing.

In our choir group, we sing and practice our songs. We practice for field trips, talent shows, and more. We plan field trips to sing in front of other people because we want our choir group to feel comfortable singing in front of other people besides singing in front of Aiken students at our school. Being in choir would be helpful, because it would encourage other students to have power in their voice.

To be a member of our choir group, contact Ms. McCoy at [email protected].