All About Wrestling


Sophomore Elijah Lewis and Seniors Ka’Mori Boyd and Chris Lewis show their game faces

The Rules of Wrestling

Wrestling is a sport where two people are trying to “pin” one another. A pin is where you get the other person’s shoulder blades on the mat. 

There are three 2-minute periods in a match. After the first period the referee flips a coin and the person who wins the coin toss decides if they want top, bottom, neutral, or if they want to defer. If the wrestler chooses to defer then the other person gets to decide but after the second period they can decide. If the wrestler chooses top, bottom, or neutral then the other person chooses the next round.

There are three ways to win a wrestling match. The first is to pin your opponent. The second is a tech fall (when you get 15 more points than the other person in a match). The third way to win is from a Major Decision, when you gain the most points at the end of a match. 

Wrestling practice is very difficult. You have to drill moves and work on your conditioning. This helps develop mental and physical toughness. What advice do the wrestlers give for winning matches? “The best ability is availability” This simply means the person who shows up the most and is working the hardest is going to win, and this doesn’t only apply on the mat but also in the classroom. 

What new things are happening with wrestling? On January 13th, our Aiken Wrestling Team will be attending a match at North College Hill in front of their whole school. Seniors Chris Lewis and Ka’Mori Boyd will be present and ready. “I know we’re not going to lose,” says Lewis.