Ms. Robb: The Woman For The Job

Aiken’s Teacher of the Month

Our biggest shout out to Caroline S. Robb, our teacher of the month. During an interview from the Aiken’s Journalism Club Ms. Robb opened up about her love for education, teaching, and her students. 


As a young woman, Ms.Robb was a troublemaker, found it hard to focus in class, and was even labeled the “class clown”. It wasn’t until 10th grade Biology class when she first discovered her passion for teaching. The class was learning about fruit flies and genetics; this interested her so much in that moment she decided she wanted to be a Biology teacher. Unfortunately during her time in college she was not successful in her Biology classes but that didn’t diminish her passion for teaching, She eventually dropped out of college  but she never once lost her interest for teaching and later went on to become a teacher in her church. 


Throughout all the troubles she faced she always had the support of friends and family. Her family is the most important thing to her and she values them more than anything. She is also inspired by her students. She loves seeing the youth having fun and living life, she says it almost makes her feel young again. 


Ms.Robb is now a staple at Aiken and an inspiration for her students and peers. As stated by her across the hall neighbor Ms. Salazar,  “She is the greatest. She is kind, passionate, professional, always happy. It’s a joy to see her every day.” Mr. Helton added, “She brings an energy we all should have. She loves her job and she makes me want to work harder to be like her.” 


From all her time in Aiken we as a community thank Ms.Robb for all that she has done for us as students and as a family. We will continue to see the great work that she puts into each and everyone of her students.